Regulation 14 Consultation

EN 1 Development in the green BeltEN 2: Residential GardensLocal Green space proposal MapEN 3: Public Open SpaceEN 4: Local Green SpaceEN 5: Historic EnvironmentCharacterEN 6: Natural FeaturesEN 7: Adapting to Climate changeT 1: Parking StandardsT 2c: Cycle routesT 2f: Foot pathsC1: Enhancing Community FacilitiesFD 1: General development standards.FD 2: Location of DevelopmentFD 3: Green Man SiteFD 4: Support for Younger PeopleFD 5: InfrastructureFD 6: Water Supply & Sewerage InfrastructureFD7:  Dwelling density and land useEMP 1: Home WorkingEMP 2: Shopping ParadesEMP 3: Business AccommodationAT 1: Improvements to Public TransportAT 2: The RailwayAT 3: Vehicle Parking FacilitiesAT 4a: George Abbott SchoolAT 4b: London Road Parade and Kingpost ParadeAT 4c: Burpham LaneAC 2: Improvements to A3ASE 1: Provision of Schools.

The Burpham Neighbourhood plan is together - below is a one button per Document access to the *.pdf file and on button per policy -  selection. HTML respond on the web.

Please select the button for the subject that interests you, have a read if you have anything to say, now is your chance to influence our communities plan.  If you don’t comment we don’t know!  Please use the email comments box along side the policy to let us know  what you think  or any adjustments to our line of thinking you believe need amending - If you think its -  wrong, say so - if you like it, say so… or go to Regulation 14 consultation to find other ways to respond to the plan

Please note: This is based on our “final regulation 14 Document” which is now out to regulation 14 consultation from 2nd June for 6 weeks. These pages are open to all - commercial and private viewers and is the widest possible method of ‘Public consultation’ possible and will be available for comment until the Plan is placed before the Examiner at that time - No further comments or amendments will be accepted.

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Policy Document Regulation 14  Letter  Appendix 6: Peoples views Appendix 8: Obsolete Policies Appendix 7: Empty - Examiners ammendments Appendix 9: Historic Features Policy Document complete with appendices Appendix 1 Map & Paths Appendix 2: Character & Density Appendix 3: Local Green Space Appendix 4:  Ref Documents Appendix 5: Survey Summary