History 2012 - 2016

Policy:  EN 1: Development within the Green Belt

Development will be permitted in the Burpham Ward Metropolitan Green Belt, as shown on the current GBC local plan proposals map, provided it is for the purposes listed below. New building will be deemed inappropriate.

Agriculture and Forestry:

Essential facilities for outdoor sport and outdoor recreation, cemeteries and other uses of land which preserve the openness of the Green Belt and which do not conflict with the purposes of including land within it;


Limited extension, alteration, or replacement of existing dwellings providing it is in accordance with policies.

Re-use and adaptation of rural buildings in accordance with other policies in this plan

Supporting Text:

This policy seeks to preserve the essential criteria on which development in the greenbelt should be determined, as set out in the NPPF, the 2003 Local Plan and emerging Local Plan although limited weight can be attached to that document at the present time.