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Policy:  EN 5: Historic Environment

The Plan shall protect the visual and heritage amenities of the historic views and historic setting, as described in the character assessment appendix of this plan. Permission will be granted for development that conserves and enhances the following listed buildings, historic places and their settings (noting this is not an all-inclusive list): See appendix 9 for comprehensive listing.

 Sutherland Memorial Park.

 Pimms Row cottages and area.

 St Luke's church.

 New Inn Farm House and Lilac Cottage.

 Bowers lock.

 Royal Mail pillar box in Kingpost parade - Edward VIII locally listed .

Planning proposals will be expected to have due regard to the character assessment allocated to the individual locations. The effect of a planning application on a non-designated heritage asset should be taken into account when determining the application.

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Note 1: For full listing of Historical and Heritgage assets in Burpham please refer to Appendix 9

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