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Policy:  EN 7: Adapting to Climate Change

All new development including extensions and rebuilds  within Burpham should seek to achieve high standards of sustainable development and, in particular, demonstrate in proposals how design, construction and operation have sought to:

• Reduce the use of fossil fuels;

• Promote the efficient use of natural resources, the re-use and recycling of resources, and the production and consumption of renewable energy;

• Adopt and facilitate the flexible development of low and zero carbon energy supply systems through a range of technologies:

• Ensure that extensions and alterations link the provision of low and zero carbon energy technologies to the existing building;

• Adopt best practice in sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) because of flooding.

The Plan will encourage energy saving by using appropriate schemes, where technically and commercially viable. For example the incorporation of photovoltaic solar panels in a sound barrier along the A3 in the area.

History 2012 - 2016