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Policy:  EN 4: Local Green Space;

Local Green Space:

This area is designated 'Local Green Space' as specified in the NPPF clause. 76 -78. This policy enshrines the areas identified in the map in Appendix 3 as Local Green Space in perpetuity.

Green Spaces as identifed on the plan and within Appendix 3 will be designated and preserved as "Local Green Space"  for the community for their amenity and character value in accordance with NPPF clauses 76-78.

 New Wildlife Corridor Merrow Common & Lane

This policy will enable an important Green Space in Burpham to be protected in accordance with the Paragraph 77 of the NPPF -

The 'new' area designated is labelled 1 & 2 within the Local Green Space Zones Appendix 3

The document Appendix 3 Local Green Space Zones identifies all Local Green spaces in Burpham

Development will not be permitted within Local Green Space Zones except where it provides drainage or minor improvement to the pre-existing facilities, such as storm drains and future flood alleviation ponds.

Supporting Text:

Note 1: Wildlife in and around Burpham is included in Appendix 3:-

Note 2: Natural England and the Countryside Council for Wales Accessible Natural Greenspace Standard (ANGST): No person should live more than 300m from their nearest area of natural green space of at least 2ha in size.

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