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Policy:  EN 3: Public Open Space

The following public open spaces will be protected and their enhancement supported by designation as Local Green Space. See Local Green Space Zones Appendix 3 for full listing of designations:

Sutherland Memorial Park:

As the park is a designated war memorial it is an important open space for Burpham and the wider area and will be protected. A requirement for undercover recreational  community facilities has been highlighted and the Plan supports proportionate and reasonable increase in the covered area for the Sutherland Memorial Park & Hall and village hall area of the Ward. At Sutherland Memorial Park permission will be granted for a covered recreational facility that complements the existing character and use of the park within the footprint of the current buildings.

Riverside Nature Reserve:

This green flag nature reserve is partially sited within the Ward. This plan supports its maintenance and continued designation as a nature reserve with special status as a Site of Nature Conservation Importance/Interest (SNCI) forming part of the Local Nature reserve in the Metropolitan Green Belt. This site is an essential part of the flood plain of the Wey Valley, north of Guildford town centre. There was significant flooding to a depth of 1 meter during winter 2013/14 in the Reserve which supports its wetlands designation.

Merrow Common:

This area of woodland, straddling New Inn Lane and Merrow Lane, is identified in early maps and in the Doomsday Book as ‘Swine feed’. The woodland contains many old trees and forms a unique barrier between the Green Belt and the urban area, any attempt to modify this area in any way is strongly opposed by this Plan. A Tree Preservation Order exists on all trees within the area south west of Merrow Lane to the railway line and an Ancient Woodland Order covers some sections of this ‘continuous’ woodland.

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