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Policy:  FD 1: General Development Standards.

Development will be permitted where it complements and enhances the character of the local area. ‘The new built form, including extensions, will need to promote designs and scales in harmony with the existing character of its location within the Ward, and requires new development to respect established street patterns, plot sizes, building lines, topography of established views, land mark buildings, roof treatment and aspect relationship with other buildings.

Supporting Text:

Note 1: Burpham residents have experience of extremely high density estates (two level accommodation). Instance of highly stressful living have been described using the terms “Dormitory area” “Claustrophobic” “Gulag”, “Over bearing”, “No room to swing a cat” “ I can see inside my neighbour’s bedrooms”, along with “The inability to put a normal sized car in the Ggarage” are some of the comments on high density living, from the survey, while those living in low density areas have described their life as ‘delightful’, ‘pleasant’ and ‘no better place to live’ The Plan aims to prevent future stressful unhealthy living accommodation by ensuring a balance between land cost and housing density.

Note 2: The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was adopted in March 2012, The NPPF (para. 47, bullet point 5) states that, to boost significantly the supply of housing, local planning authorities should (amongst other things) set out their own approach to housing density to reflect local circumstances.


Note 3: The latest Shlaa GBC 2013 demonstrates there is sufficient land in the Borough, to enable a reduction in the density from 40 per hectare proposed in the document to 35 per hectare in Burpham, which will not be detrimental to the overall land supply requirement in Guildford Borough.

Note 4: Character descriptions of Burpham Ward is attached as Appendix 2.

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