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Policy Consultations

Proposals for designating the Burpham Neighbourhood Area and Burpham Neighbourhood Forum

The Council received an application on 29 August 2012 for the designation of the Burpham Neighbourhood area and an application for the designation of the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum.[1]

A copy of the applications that have been submitted to the Council for approval can be viewed from downloading the documents from the above

The applications include:

1. a map of the proposed Burpham Neighbourhood Area and statement as to why this area is considered appropriate

2. a copy of the written constitution of the proposed Burpham Neighbourhood Forum

3. a statement setting out how the proposed Burpham Neighbourhood Forum has been composed.

The Council is required to consider the submitted applications. We will consider the extent of the area that will be covered by the Plan and the composition of the Forum that will be constituted to oversee its preparation. The Council may approve these applications, provided the legal requirements are met, including a period of public consultation.

If the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum is approved, no other organisation or body may be designated for that neighbourhood area until that designation expires or is withdrawn.

Making comments on the proposed Neighbourhood Area and Forum

The Council is inviting comments on the proposed Burpham Neighbourhood Area to be covered and the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum.

If you would like to let the Council know what you think about these, please read the application details and complete the comments form which is available to download from this webpage at the right hand side. A hard copy of the applications and the comments form are also available to view and complete at the Council's offices, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Guildford Library, North Street, Guildford and the newsagents, Kingspost Parade, Burpham.

Consultation on the proposed Burpham Neighbourhood Area and Burpham Neighbourhood Forum is taking place between 14 September 2012 and 26 October 2012. All responses should be returned to:

• email: planningpolicy@guildford.gov.uk

• post: The Planning Policy Team, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4BB.

For any comments to be considered you must provide your name and address (this can be an email address). Any comments received may be inspected by members of the public and cannot be treated as confidential. A summary of comments will be made available on the Council's website. Your personal information such as your postal address, telephone number and email address will not appear however, your name and organisation (if relevant) will.

Further information

If you wish to know more about this consultation and cannot find the answers on the Council's website, please contact the Council's Planning Policy Team at  planningpolicy@guildford.gov.uk (This link will open in a new window) or telephone 01483 444471 or the proposed Burpham Neighbourhood Forum directly at 01483 574138.

Additional information can also be found on the website established by the proposed Neighbourhood Forum to help promote and raise awareness of the Plan - http://www.burphamsurreycommunityassociation.org/index.html (This page! )

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