History 1973 - 2021 and beyond


The BCA was formed in 1973 as a result of a group of residents wanting to unite and to act for the community in local affairs. In the beginning, families chose to join the association and paid 10p per person to join. An inaugural meeting was held, a committee formed and a constitution framed. 500 households joined initially. For over 30 years now, the BCA has been working for the community. Local residents have given their time and energy free of charge as they believe in Burpham as a great place to live.

The introduction of the Planning framework Policy is now well documented on the web and has resulted in the provision of the ability for the residents of Burpham to oversee their own future in respect of how their community proceeds into the future.

The Forum had it’s first inaugural meeting on the 16th June 2012 and the result was that broad agreement of way forward was agreed ....

The Forum was formerly approved on the 4th February 2013

Following the success of the Burpham Neighbourhood Plan in 2016  a unanimous decision  was taken to ‘keep the Forum Format’ as opposed to moving on to become a parish. This was due to the ‘complexities' and legal requirements, along with the majority of Parish jobs are already allocated to GBC and other orgainsiations - the implications being in effect insurmountable for the benefits gained.

In 2018 the forum was duly reconstituted.

2020 -2021 due to Covide the forum  when into ‘slow mode’ with little being achieved save inspection of any planning applications within Burpham and in Early 2021 the reading of the proposed documents for the Weyside Urban Village and Burpham Court farm allocation as sang via change of use application.

Mid Summer 2021 with the waning of the Covid problems - the Forum steering committee decided it was time to reassess. Situation with a new Survey identical in content - with some minor changes reflecting both the Instigation of the Local Plan for Guildford and the Effects of Covid on travel and life style.