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Policy: FD 5: Improvements to Infrastructure

New development will be expected to demonstrate during the planning process, appropriate levels of infrastructure to support the development. In Policy FD6 Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council are encouraged to request suitable financial contributions to fund improvements to local services. These are to include:-

•   road congestion prevention,

•   disabled-friendly footpaths, and

•    sound proofing for the community as a whole, where traffic noise will be increased by the additional traffic generated by the development. This will come from the use of CIL monies to ensure any noise generation locations are treated as a blight on the community and action taken to reduce this.

The need for infrastructure in the form of roads, shops, schools and public services, such as doctors and dentists, shall be adequately addressed during the planning application stage to ensure all services come online before or in parallel to completion but before occupation of new homes.

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