The Neighbourhood plan is in place

But what next?

Our function ceases on 4th February 2018 and unless we decided to renew our statutory basis the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum legally dies. So the first questions is does  the community want that Forum to continue? And what purpose does it want to perform

1. Merely to update and improve the current Neighbourhood plan or

2. Request of Guildford Borough Council permission to form a ‘local’ [Ward] Council. This is the same as a parish council simply with a different name.

Local councils are available for any area now covered by a Parish council. There being two ways to achieve this

1. By holding a referendum / petition to gain sufficient signatures to make the request or

2. IF you already have a ‘forum’ and a registered [Made] Neighbourhood plan simply the Forum ‘asks’ the council permission to form the council.

Burpham Neighbourhood Forum has achieved item 2 above and could should the signed up members in the Current Forum wish to proceed to the asking stage, simply ‘ask’.  

Following a meeting of the Forum officers and working committee it has been decided and minuted by a unanimous vote that the Burpham Neighbourhood Forum should continue if sufficient people come forward (21 Named individuals [at least 10 must be prepared to be active members] else the proposal will not suceed) to re-constituted the Forum in February 2018.  At this stage a decision would be made to either amend the Burpham Neighbourhood Plan ‘as the Forum’ or proceed to local council with all its implications and statutory responsibilities.

It is for the community to decide ‘where to from here’ this will be discussed in full at the AGM in January of 2017.