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Aspirational Policies

Policy:  AC 2: Improvements to the A3

As a priority of the Plan, sound-proofing along the A3 Guildford bypass through Burpham is essential to improve the comfort and well-being of the residents and shall be considered in any development proposal or potential increase of traffic levels.

Overwhelming numbers of respondants consider the noise from the traffic a problem and if energy from solar panels can be incorporated within the sound barriers this would be of great benefit. The use of CIL  & S106 monies to provide Sound-proofing is supported by this plan.

Supporting Text

Note 1: Sound proofing of Clay Lane and London Road towards London from Clay Lane intersection will be essential if any link road from the Industrial Estate at Slyfield be built;  DCLG publication ISBN 978 1 4098 2885 3 covers this aspect.

Note 2: Gosden Hill, if built, will mean London Road between Merrow lane and Clay lane will require noise mitigation installed; see booklet Compulsory Purchase and compensation Booklet; ‘Reducing the adverse effects of Public development mitigation works.’

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