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Policy:  EN 6: Natural Features

The plan shall protect the visual amenities of the natural features of the ward and its internal boundaries. An environmentally healthy community is evidenced by the quality of the natural environment and the appearance it provides in the near and distant panoramas.

The Burpham community's frames of reference are near views of old field line hedges interspersed in the community itself, with mature and semi-mature trees of the old rural village; The more distant views of the Wey valley to our adjoining wards provide both flood plain, healthy tree-lined vistas and panoramic views to the North Downs, crowned by the AONB of the Surrey Hills.

Supporting Text:

Note 1: This policy is designed to prevent houses and developments emerging above the tree line, thereby changing the character of rural views, with which Burpham is comfortable, to a suburban environment  type vista of central of Guildford.

Note 2: See Appendix 2 for full descriptions.

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