Forum Meeting Documents

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Action Points extracted from the Minutes of the Burpham Neighborhood Forum

From 16th February to 3rd  June 2014.


 Jim Allen (JA)    Coordinator.

 Andy White [AW]   Deputy Chair                           Peta Lawrence [PL]

Trevor Wicks [TW]    Ex. Chairman                       Joan Smee [JS]

Catherine Hughes [CH]   Secretary                         Frank O’Shea [FS]

Derrik Hawkins Treasurer  Diane Boyden  [DB]   Sue O’Shea [SS]      

Philip Colinese [CP]                                                   Hazel Teal [HT]

 Cll. Christian Holliday [CCH]                                   Tony Teal [TT]

 Marilyn Holmested [MH]                                         Cll. Monica Juneja (CMJ)

Zoe Deterding (ZD)                                                    Derek Oliver (DO)

Graham Rutherford(GR)                                          Barbara Lawrence(BL)

Patricia Vickers(PV)                                                   Liz Hyland (LH)

Liz Critchfield (LC)                                                     Patricia Squibb (PS

Martin Wing(MW)                                                      David Askew (DA)

Action Plan 16th February 2013


Appoint secretary as a matter of urgency

Appointment of a management committee.

Advertising regarding display banners. CCH and CMJ to advice.

Set up website separate from the BCA.

Publicity letter to be redrafted and distributed by TW & JA.

The Survey

AW to write press release for the Surrey Advertiser and the Guildford Dragons.

JA to carry out some alterations to survey.

TW to arrange printing of ‘survey’ when finalized.

DO to coordinate distribution.


DH Treasurer, to set up ‘Forum’ Bank Account.

Next Meeting

MJ to book Church Hall for 9th March 2013.


Inaugural Meeting 9th March 2013.


JA to send survey to the printers

DO to organize distributor’s list and delivery routes

Forum Members Meeting 9th March 2013

PC, LC & TT to examine the constitution and recommend amendments to Forum.

JA to investigate website domain names for the Forum.

DH to organize 2 signatures’ for Forum bank account.

General Meeting 23rd March 2013

Action plan:

PC, TT & LC to redraft constitution.

DH to adjust signatures for bank account.

JA to contact GBC to correct names in ‘Focus in Burpham’

CCH to advice on insurance companies for cover for our ‘survey drop and general activities.

CH to explore ‘Data Protection Issues with JA regarding information received on Surveys.

PL and MH to prepare publicity packs for schools, employers, church, residential homes and non residential properties.

All members asked to complete the survey to test the system.

Ad hoc Meeting Saturday 6th April 2013

CH to type out ‘aide memoir for distributors.

CH to provide distributor badge holders.

JA to print out distributor badges.

General Meeting 22nd April 2013

AW & DH to meet regarding draft application for ‘Grant Funding@

AW having informal meeting with ‘campaign for the Protection of Rural England’

Volunteers to man ‘Drop In’ sessions on Thursday 25th April and Saturday 27th April at Sutherland Memorial Hall for the general public.

A few survey distribution routes still be to completed .

CH to book hall for meeting 20th May 2013.

General meeting 20th May 2013

Action points:

All given three weeks notice of Special General Meeting to approve Constitution  on 20th May 2013.

Ch to book venue for Special General meeting.

PC to send AW amended constitution when ready.

AW to write job description for post of Chairman and advertise on the web site.

DH to submit funding bid and to circulate bank account details for donations as required.

JA to distribute appropriate parts of the survey results to the volunteers.

AW. JA. PL. JS. And DA to arrange meeting with Barton Willmore.

All Forum members to consider future fund- raising options.

Special General Meeting Monday 17th June 2013


AW to write job description of post of chair and advertise on website.

AW. JA. PL and DA to attend meeting with Barton Willmore.

CH to book venues for future General Meeting  1st July and Public Meeting Saturday 13th July and advertise the later.

CCH, JA and AW to meet with GBC on 21st June at 2.00 pm.


Jim Allen (JA)   Co-ordinator

Andy White (AW)  Co-Chair

Darrin Hawkins (DH)  Tresurer/ acting co chair

Catherine Hughes (CH)   Secretary

Cl.Christain Holliday (CCH)

David Askew (DA)

Diana Boyden(DB)

Alan Hughes (AH)  Proof reader

Ros Pollock (RP)   Co-opted chair/chair

Philip Colinese (PC)  Proof reader

Zoe Deterding (ZD)

Joan Smee (JS)  acting secretary

Derek Oliver    distributor

Graham Rutherford (GR)

Patricia Vickers (PV)

Hazel Teal (HT)

Tony Teal (TT)

Ted Mayne (TM)

Peta Lawrence (PL)

Monday 1st July 2013

General Meeting


AW to feed back to, Barton Wilmore, re future meetings/communication.

Job description for post of chair, to be advertised via website.

CH to find out id walls of church hall can be used for mounting posters and pie charts.

PL to release communiqué’ of meeting date and purpose.

JA to print out pie charts with survey feedback information for each of the five areas.

JA to provide map for public meeting.

CH to book venue for next meeting? Date?

Ask CL. Christian Holliday and Cl. Monica Juneja to advise on timings needed for each stage of the process.

Saturday 13th July 2013

Public Meeting

Held at Burpham Church hall.

No minutes taken or actions recorded.

Monday 15th July 2013

Emergency meeting


CH to book venue for next meeting and set date.

JA to e-mail account set up for reports – password for DH.

Web mail forwarding address for secretary to be set up.

CH to collate holiday dates list of forum members.

Monday 5th August 2013

General Meeting


All members to prepare the  policy documents for allocated area. transport etc.

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Ordinary Meeting


DH to forward plans to Stella Scrivener (Planning Aid) after 23/09/13 general meeting

All continue to prepare policy documents.

CH to book venue for Public Meeting on 26th Oct 2013.

Monday 23rd September 2013

General Meeting


No decisions or actions recorded as meeting was inquorate.

Saturday 19th October 2013

Ad hoc Meeting – BNF


Preparation of documents for public perusal

Maps and Visual presentation updated.

Monday 21st October 2013, 8.00pm

BNF Public Meeting

No minutes recorded

Saturday 26th October 2013. 2.00pm

Public Meeting

No minutes recorded

11th November 2013

Advice meeting

Planning Aid

Wednesday 20th November 2013

General Meeting

Burpham Village Hall

No actions recorded as meeting was inquorate.

26th November 2013

Advice Meeting – Planning Aid.

Monday 9th December 2013

Ordinary Meeting


Rewrite sections of the policy documents following Planning Aid advice.

Letters to be sent to business re consultation.

Meeting with GBC liaise with Dan Knowles for Feb 2014..

Book venue for next meeting.

Tuesday 14th January 2014

General Meeting.


JA Prepare maps for ‘Character Assessment’

Everyone to read URS report and check against original policies

CH –list of meeting date since inauguration of forum.

Tuesday 4th February 2014

Meeting with Barton Wilmore (Martin Grant Homes)

Tuesday 4th February 2014 – General Meeting


JA continue with map preparation.

Everyone to read version 7a on web site and feedback comments.

CH to send e-mail to all members regarding the format of the next meetings.

Sunday 2nd March 2014

All day session to proof read and correct as appropriate the policy statements one by one.


JA to print out policies as ‘document’, and reference to all other reference documents.

Saturday 15th March 2014

All day session to continue to proof read and adjust.


Contact local landowners for consultation.

Saturday 5th April 2014

All day session to proofread and adjust s appropriate.


CH e-mail to Dan Knowles GBC re SEA

JA to write to SS at Planning Aid

Maps with green spaces

Saturday 3rd May 2014

All day session to proofread and adjust accordingly.


Plan to go for Formal Regulation 14 Consultation  Monday 2nd June 2014.

Maps being drawn showing ‘Character Assessment’ with descriptions and photos. JA,AH and others.

RP meeting with Surrey Advertiser.

AJ, CH and RP attending a presentation in London on 30th May on SEA by PAE: URS.

Committee members to meet with ‘Martin Grant Homes’ representatives; t.b.c.

Flyers need to be designed and delivered.

Financial assistance to be sought from local companies to help with printing costs.

Everyone to read the ‘Guildford Local Plan’ and attend meeting in Council Offices on 15th May, 7.00pm, if possible.

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Meeting of BNF.


JA after 17th July 2014, consultation period, will need to draw up a document of how the Burpham community has responded.

3000 leaflet to be delivered to Burpham community.

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