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Policy:  EN 2: Residential Gardens

Permission will not be granted for back garden development where:

The site makes an important contribution to the character and appearance of the surrounding area, or

Where the development of the site would adversely affect the amenities of future occupiers, or those currently occupying adjoining or nearby properties.

Supporting Text:

Note 1:  Where ‘adversely’  means in this case, any development which exceeds 50% of an existing garden, where the original house floor plan including garages and out buildings is left exceeding 33% of the remaining plot size. Any new development (structure) in this new plot must not cover an area greater than 33% of the total new plot size and must be situated [external wall to external wall] equidistant from all surrounding properties.

Note 2:  See Appendix 2 for village character guidance and housing densities

History 2012 - 2016