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Policy:  C 1: Enhancing Community Facilities

Support will be given in principle for additional community facilities in Burpham (D1 & D2 of the Use Class Order with the exception of casinos which will not be permitted).

Support will be given for proposals that enable school premises to be made available as community facilities during ‘non-teaching’ periods with the consent of the school's staff and governors. Change of use for non-commercial community activities will be supported for halls and outside areas such as football pitches and tennis courts.

There is currently a lack of daytime/evening central community facilities within Burpham village.  Proposals to improve community function buildings in central locations will be supported.

Supporting Text:

Note 1: Currently there is no availability in the three small halls of Burpham each is booked months in advance and the maximum capacity of any hall is under 100 meaning less than 0.02% of the community can gather for an event in any one location.